"The Lord YHWH bless you and keep you; the Lord YHWH make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord YHWH turn his face toward you and give you peace.” (Book of Numbers 6:24-26).

mercredi 1 août 2012


1 - As Head of Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, what do you think about Madagascar's independence?

As Head of Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, direct descendant of the Eldest branch of the Royal House of Madagascar, I would like to insist that Madagascar was already an independent country during more than three thousand years before the french colonization, at least since the time of King Solomon (970-930 BC) before the Christian era until 1896. And the Kingdom of Madagascar was among the greatest nations in Africa and Indian Ocean, and even ahead in several areas compared to Japan before the Meiji era in 1868.

The Conference of Berlin in 1883-1885 to the partition of Africa and Madagascar has changed the policy globally. Currently, the former French colonies are still in a secular, democratic, republican and neo-colonial system, contrary to the Will of the Lord YHWH, concocted by Jacques Foccart, and imposed since 1950-60's until the present times in Africa and Madagascar via the Françafrique network.

2 - What is the conclusion regarding the governance of the country during the last fifty years?

Since 1960, successive Republican leaders and their governments are responsible for the failure of their management of the country. Especially none was prepared. After fifty-two years of republican regime and transition (1960-2012), Madagascar is among the last forty countries with a very low Human Development Index (HDI, UNDP, 2011), and it gets even worse in 2012 with over seventy-seven percent (+77%) of people became very poor and living on less than 01 $ USD per day.

3 - In comparison to the current situation, what do you think about the Kingdom of Madagascar?

At the epoch of the Kingdom of Madagascar, there was more respect for Zanahary, the Lord YHWH, and respect of our cultural values. But also the notion of authority, responsibility, discipline and excellence. The meaning of the State. The superior interests of the nation and the country, not in the superior interests of the leaders.

On the security front, there was more security through a more disciplined army and in greater numbers, but also thanks to the solidarity of the fokonolona (villagers) for the defense of villages, especially in the time of King Radama 1st (1810-1828) up to the time of the Queen Ranavalona 1st (1828-1861). The Army of the Queen Ranavalona 1st defeated the military attacks of French and English on the Great Island.

Educationally, quality education with a well depth content. The school was compulsory for all children. Teachers were better prepared. A boom and a growth in number and quality of primary, secondary and higher schools. And high schools were universities of Excellence. In 1896, at the epoch of Queen Ranavalona III (1883-1896), schools of the Kingdom of Madagascar had more than 200,000 students, with many Christian schools. What made Madagascar one of the most educated countries in the world.

Socially, the concept of family solidarity and village. Concern for the well-being of the population. The care of patients through the creation of the School of Medicine in Ankadinandriana with a hospital quality, such as the Royal Hospital of Soavinandriana with physicians well prepared.

Economically, the rise in the creation of factories for a real development of the secondary sector. Economically and financially, King Andrianampoinimerina had stored money in the Royal Treasury of Ambohimanga, the equivalent of the present central bank, to operate normally the State for one hundred years after his reign.

In environmental terms, respect and protection of nature and concern for the preservation of natural resources (unlike the massive destruction of the current environment, like the illegal export of more than 52,000 tons of rosewood).

In terms of food, we can say that the vast majority of people have had their fill. So a standard of living much higher compared to the current situation.

Internationally, Madagascar was one of the greatest nations in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Which is no longer the case.

In contrast, in this secular, democratic, republican and neo-colonial regime, all pseudo-politicians want to be leader and nobody is responsible. Thus, the cacophony and the anarchy reign...

4 - What is the position of the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar face to the current crisis?

Before the arrival of Asian, African, Arab and European foreigners on this Island, the King-Priest Andriantomara, the first known ancestor of the Andriana (the royal family), has said, several centuries before the Christian era: "I bless this island for you, O princes my descendants, and I bless you to rule over this Great Island". This will be a blessing for those who respect the oath and the curse for those who transgress.

After the successive failures of many leaders and Republican politicians, incompetent, corrupt, thieves, murderers, traitors of the nation, looting and selling off the wealth of the country, with over 100 Billion Dollar USD losses for the country, more of 200,000 Billions Ariary, between 1960 and 2012, the Andriana patriots have a great responsibility toward the Lord YHWH the Creator of the Universe and toward the Lord Jesus Christ to lead and save the country.

Thus, since 2010, according to biblical guidelines of the Lord YHWH, the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar, led by the Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana Rabarioelina, work peacefully for the advent of an inevitable and unavoidable Royal Theocracy and a Christocracy, with a constitution based on the Bible, for the restoration of the country and the blessing of the nation.

5 - In your opinion, the secular state is compatible with a true sustainable development?

In the first world ranking of the 2011 Human Development Index (HDI), we see the Kingdom of Norway. The majority of the top ten countries in the world, with a very high Human Development Index (HDI), have a very high standard of living (HDR report, UNDP, 2011) and are Christian monarchies and principalities.

The last forty countries (40) world rankings on the Human Development Index (HDI), including Madagascar, have a very low standard of living and are in great majority of countries with a secular, democratic and republican system, (report on the HDI, UNDP, 2011).

Unlike the secular, democratic and republican regimes, that brings a curse, there is at least a dozen nations in the world that recognize the Theocracy and the Christocracy. It's not for nothing if all twelve countries have an Human Development Index (HDI) among the highest in the world, so a higher standard of living because their leaders respect and recognize the Lord YHWH the Creator of the Universe and the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords and that in their Constitution itself. Therefore, they have the Lord YHWH's blessing!

6 - Faced with a secular, democratic and republican system, which suffered only failures, and having created great poverty, does the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar have the proposal?

As directed by the Lord YHWH in the Bible, including the Old Testament and New Testament, the Council of Kings and Princes of Madagascar works peacefully to the advent of a new civilization, a new society, to a modern and christocratic state, respecting Zanahary, the Lord YHWH, and respecting our cultural values ​​from the Bible, consisting really all the forces of the nation, for a truly, sustainable, harmonized, balanced and fair development, with the following bodies :

First, the Royal Palace with the Great King as Head of State, from the great royal family (elected by the Lord YHWH as King David or King Solomon), assisted by the Council of Kings (CK) of all tribes of Madagascar. In parallel, there will be the Council of Priests (CP), including those from the Church, to serve as spiritual and Biblical guide and spiritual beacon.

Second, the legislative function will be provided by the Antenimieran' ny Andriana (AA) or Councils of Princes of Madagascar, like the House of Lords, and the Antenimieram-Bahoaka or People's Assembly (PA) with representatives of all the tribes of Madagascar.

Third, a Government of Technocrats (GT), headed by a Prime Minister with Twelve Ministers assisted by Secretaries of State, including the recruitment criteria will be the respect for the Lord YHWH, moral integrity, patriotism, competence and efficiency.

Fourth, the judiciary function will be ensured by the Traditional Tribunal (TT) respecting our customary rights from the Bible. For problems not resolved by this court, they will turn to the Modern Tribunal (MT), and both Courts must make decisions in righteousness and in equity. At the top, there will be the Royal Supreme Court (RSC), and finally the Great King decide on following biblical foundations and the Council of Priests and the Royal Council.

Quinto: The Cultural, Economic and Social Council (CESC) grouping: the Cultural Council (CC) involving all trade unions and cultural associations for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage and environment, and enhancement of the cultural riches of the country; the Economic Council (EC) involving all levels, trade unions and federations for a true economic development of countries and harmonized; the Social Council (SC) comprising all the representatives of civil society and social organizations for the welfare and the social development of all social groups in the country.

7 - What is the meaning of the name "Andriana", but also their vocation in Madagascar?

The word "Andriana" does mean king, royal family, royal family, the pillar of the nation and the parents of the nation, whose divine vocation is to rule the country and bring peace, blessings, and prosperity to its people (Genesis 12:2-3 and 17:6).

The Andriana patriots, such as King-Priest Andriantomara, King Andrianerinerina, King Andriamanelo, King Ralambo, King-Priest Andriantompokoindrindra, King Andrianjaka, King Andriamasinavalona, King Andrianampoinimerina, have worked for centuries, to gather family groups, clans and tribes of the whole island, where the vast majority (80%) are Jews and Jews from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Near East Old, from the Twelve Tribes Israel (cf. Flacourt, Cameron, Ravelojaona, Ramilison, Razakandrainy, Briant, Kasanga Ratefy ...) and according to their ancient Jewish monotheism (cf. the Bible of Andrianampoinimerina) and their respective divine vocations, to form the Kingdom of Madagascar or Fanjakan 'i Madagasikara ...

8 - Do the heirs of the monarchy still have the ability to lead and save the country?

Since 1896, there is no Andriana (member of the royal family) at the highest state level and there is a curse in the country: all the successive leaders have been failures and were stripped of their function, and the people live in growing in extreme poverty.

The King-Priest Andriantompokoindrindra (around 1600) had already predicted the future of this country. There was a time for everything. A time to reign, a time to keep silence, and a time to act and reign again. Then, do the Andriana still have the ability to lead and save the country? Yes, without hesitation. Especially, many of them are part of the country's elite and are preparing. In addition, it is their divine calling. The resurgence and the gathering of current kings and princes of Madagascar are the visible signs of a better world to come ...

9 - What is your durable solution for Madagascar?

In the Lord YHWH belongs the earth and the fullness thereof, the world and its inhabitants. The Will of the Lord YHWH for all nations, and especially Madagascar, is a royal theocratic constitution that recognizes the Lord YHWH, the Creator of the Universe, the Almighty (Royal Theocracy), and which recognizes Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords (Christocracy) in the Constitution itself !

Those who turn to the Lord YHWH, the Creator of the Universe, by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, and walking in righteousness, will be blessed and uplifted. And those who wallow in disbelief, lies, thefts, robberies, betrayals, murders and assassinations, are cursed and will forfeit.

Finally, let us prepare all because the Lord YHWH will create, sooner, a state and a modern and christocratic kingdom, recognizing Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, for a truly, harmonized, fair, balanced and sustainable development in the country, and for the blessing of the nation. This will require a drastic reform of the legal, monetary, financial, economic and social system in the country. Thus, Madagascar will be the light to the nations and will be among the first world powers. And the Great Island, which will return a Green Island, will be one of the world's breadbasket. This will be the sustainable solution of the Lord YHWH for Madagascar!

Antananarivo, June 21, 2012.

Prince Rev. Dr. Ndriana RABARIOELINA,
PhD in Theology (United-States of America)
Head of the Royal House of Madagascar.